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malika benshila
paris fashion week
September is always a month of blossoming projects as the Fashion Weeks leads there way to the finish line in Paris.

Alignments were formed and crystallized in collaborations that I'm happy to reveal in this special issue on Paris Fashion Week.

Malika Benshila Hutin,
Pink Heater Founder & Creative Director
sandrine merle
Sandrine Merle, the creator of THE FRENCH JEWELRY POST, which is a digital media devoted to the world of jewelry and women's watch making offering crosssectional, live and original content.

THE FRENCH JEWELRY POST is also a creative hub (content production, influencer marketing, consulting, events) where Sandrine Merle lays her eyes and experience at the service of brands, museums or auction houses.
zoe chicco
An instant connection was made when L.A based designer Zoë Chicco and Parisian raised Pink Heater founder, Benshila Hutin, paths met.

Soon after, a collaboration was in the air, let's even say in the skies.

On July 27th when the Earth, Sun and Moon aligned another was forming between the two woman, entrepreneurs and mothers.

The TOTAL ECLIPSE is interpretated by them in a capsule collection of sixteen pieces that will be presented at Salons Marceau.
zoe chicco
Zoë Chicco's gift is an ability to create personal, classic pieces that are at the same time versatile. Delicate and modern, sexy but elegant, her everyday pieces are significant enough to be worn alone but delicate enough to wear layered together.
Since its launch in 2000, her eponymous collection—which marries 14k gold with diamonds and semi-precious gemstones such as opal and turquoise—has created a cult following among celebrities and trendsetters alike.
LS CAR facilitates your comfort and your success in excellence by providing you a personalized experience and offering the chance of having the right car from luxury to sports vehicules which adapts to your needs and tailored services. Moreover, the company offers additional services such as hotel bookings, flights, trains, restaurants, and shows in Paris.
GARDEN EVENTS are the creators of indoor and outdoor greening process by inviting nature to your walls without any soil or fertilizer. They offer 100 percent natural and bespoke creations of stabilizing vegetable walls that create a relaxing space soothing for the eyes and the mind with healthy air and well being.

Maxime Landini is the founder of the french brand Garden events, a brand that is known for creating vegetal walls. Maxim is in a contineous research for developing new solutions of vegetation. Such an innovative concept is available in all types of formats, autonomous, design and depolluting.