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cover story - our eye on paris
The focus of each issue of Eye of Pink Heater will bring you a captivating, intimate experience.
The eye records then reminds us of an emotion, of a memory, a place.

Through this precious organ we see and decipher an objet, a jewel or a painting. An emotional link is created when pleasure comes in to play and the degree of intensity makes us relate to it.

Through the lens of our camera, with sensitivity and creativity, I want to tell you a story, create a mood, introduce a trend, bring the human heart into the beauty of the precious jewels and accessories that can be found only at Pink Heater.
I hope you enjoy our first issue.
Fashion Editor


Glow with the flow...
...of the scissor blades as they snip through my hair like flashes of lightning in an immense dark sky.
At that exact moment, when Sebastien was proceeding with his consultancy, I knew I was in good hands and I would leave the salon satisfied with a new refreshed look.
davis lucas slide davis lucas slide davis lucas slide davis lucas slide davis lucas slide davis lucas slide
david lucas - the appartment
The atmosphere at David Lucas's Parisian apartment which he transformed into a hair salon 12 years ago is welcoming, has a cool vibe to it and yet the standard and level of professionalism and expertise is set high. Natural light floods in from the rue Danielle Casanova making the two main rooms of the salon radiate. The team is practically all there on a Tuesday afternoon. The days start early, at 8 a.m., and finish rather late. Bookings are nearly always full. Be ready to wait over a month if you want to be taken care of by the master himself, David Lucas.
THE MONIQUE range of hair care products by David Lucas bring silkiness and strength to any type of hair and leave it shining and with a fresh fragrance you'll love.
David Lucas has 3 addresses, his principal salon is on rue Danielle Casanova in the trendy 2nd arrondissement, a new salon opened in the luxurious Crillon Hotel, a Rosewood Hotel Spa, on the Place Concorde, a third salon is in the south of France at the Hotel Haitza.
david lucas - monique
Masque Kératine
33.00 $
david lucas - monique
david lucas - monique
Soin Kératine
34.00 $
david lucas - monique
david lucas - monique
shampoing Kératine
23.00 $
david lucas - monique
pinkheater - publicite
pinkheater - publicite
pinkheater - publicite

beauty insider :


pinkheater - laboté
pinkheater - laboté
pinkheater - laboté
labote slide labote slide labote slide labote slide labote slide labote slide
A visit to Laboté is an experience you don't want to miss, thanks to a new cosmetics concept laboratory that came onto the scene only one year ago. At Laboté, you begin by having a personalized clinical evaluation of your skin type. Next, select the customized products for your specific beauty routine. Watching the professional pharmacists prepare your customized skin routine products in less than an hour is nothing short of sensational.
You'll love everything from the color palette, to the playful questionnaire to the choice of natural fragrances and the packaging of your customized beauty products.
Every detail is precisely scrutinized by Lucile Battail, pharmacist and founder of Laboté, who studied botanical, dermo-pharmacy and galenic formulations.
In a desperate quest to find the right formulas for her own skin, she realized that the en- dless choice of cosmetics in stores was simply not working for her. Nor were they working for many other woman. In her search, she understood that a real need existed and she saw an opportunity to create a patent.
Lucile spent 2 years in R&D working on a cold process formulation so the cream you apply to your skin won't contain any preservatives and it liberates the actif agents that are studied and adapted to your type of skin considering your age, your environment and allergies.
Laboté has revolutionized the world of cosmetics.
Don't wait another day to treat your skin to face cream products made uniquely for you at Laboté, 11 rue Madame, 75006 Paris.
pinkheater - publicite
pinkheater - publicite
pinkheater jewels made in paris pinkheater - jewels made in paris
pinkheater - johana braitbart
Marie Mas, fine jewelry designer, has an eye for elegant yet playful pieces of jewelry that bring a new look to today's jewelry scene.
Marie, a French jeweler whose innovative, patented design technique creates jewels that swing, swirl, dance and change colors in a rainbow of varying shades from pink quartz to amethyst.
The designs are delicate and surprising as each stone is double faceted and set in a design that allows them to gracefully rotate giving your jewelry a different look each day.
pinkheater - johana braitbart
The ultimate Parisien chic is owning one or many Johanna Braitbart turbans or head pieces. Her selection of silk, brocade, chiffon, leather and velvet turbans immediately takes your look up a notch from chic to uber-chic.
In any season, at any time of day or night enjoy the easy-to-wear appeal and sophistication of an original turban. Johanna's head pieces and bibis are festive and glam giving your wardrobe that extra something special you need to complete your look.
Johanna dedicates a huge amount of time searching for the most exquisite, rare and highest quality fabrics for the creation of Johanna Braitbart accessories in her boutique/workshop in the Marais district of Paris.
pinkheater - camille enrico
Camille Enrico, Parisian jewelry designer creates captivating pieces inspired by her voyages to far away places, blending Asian and Latin American influences with French elegance.
A large palette of colors and combinations using hand-made cross-stitch embroidery techniques applied to her strong jewelry motifs make you stand out when wearing them.
Inspired by embroidery techniques from the earliest times from around the world, bringing the influence of Bolivian tribes, Asian or medieval Europe into one dreamlike canvas that Camille crafts in her Parisian studio.