Pink Heater created by Malika Benshila over 12 years ago is an established agency specialized in representing fine and fashion jewelry designers from across the globe.

The agency sells and promotes them through its network of professionals. Naturally, the agency has evolved into tailoring and curating its selections of designers towards the trends, the international market's needs and the fast-moving fashion business.

Quality personalized service, experience and expertise in curating designers, confidentiality and creating an inspiring intimate atmosphere, are key parts elements that are part of our core business. We strongly believe, more than ever, that having quality time with our clients in a beautiful setting allows everyone to communicate more easily and to reveal their identity because they are completely at ease.

The purpose of what we are doing is promoting and selling, but in a more glamorous ways than just seeing the products.




Our team will help you step forward in the market and create a strong and outstanding brand identity that will match the latest trends. Pink Heater’s experience in fashion, fine jewelry and savoir-faire, makes our distinction. We build strategies that will help and accompany brands through all stages of their development.





« The one stop focus on international

emerging designers and fashion enthusiasts »

EYE OF PINK HEATER which is one of Pink Heater’s services to showcase its designers in a curated setting scenographied by Malika and its team of professionals. Whilst organizing its PFW events engaging in creating a unique outlet for designers and emerging artists to shine.

Eye of Pink Heater has teaming up with prestigious retailers such as HARRODS, LA SAMARITAINE, PRINTEMPS HAUSSMANN, HOTEL DE CRILLON and soon will open at PRINTEMPS in DOHA to create a memorable retail experience. Incorporating a universe, a message and an overall artistic direction by its founder and creative director Malika Benshila.

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PINK HEATER always combines promotional activities with its important events. Partners offer a sampling of their products in exchange for visibility. Pink Heater team has collaborated with more than 100 international derivative companies in the food, beauty, cosmetics and hospitality businesses. A selection of these companies join us during our events.


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