TSURA Evil Eye Necklace front view.

TSURA Evil Eye Necklace


Ruby in Zoisite and Brown Diamonds with 18k Gold


The ‘evil eye’ exists in many cultures and is worn as a talisman always watching to deflect looks from any person that ‘casts’ energy that would cause misfortune or injury.

These unique talismans of the evil eye are naturally occurring Ruby in Zoisite. This power stone is linked to the crown chakra and allows one to see clearly their own individuality while still resonating and retaining the interconnectedness with the rest of humanity.

It encourages higher learning, understanding and compassion. All the pendants in the collection use a diamond to act as an amplifier and enhance the vibrations and energy of the crystals that it is set with. Diamonds symbolise pure love and link to Divine Light and clarity.

All talisman come with an 18” gold chain.


Material :

- 18 CT Gold

- Ruby in zoisite

- Brown diamonds


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