Pink Heater collaborates with Le Printemps in the form of an ephemeral boutique called "Eye of Pink Heater". Le Printemps offers the essential selection of the most cutting-edge designers on the international scene.

Eye Of Pink Heater is a pop-up brings signatures from all over the world directly to the store in a scenographic space. On the first floor dedicated to jewelry, where you can find the great iconic houses of this universe, Printemps Haussmann wanted to integrate this real talent incubator with strong signatures.

The unique space of Eye of Pink Heater was created successfully thanks to trustworthy collaborators Garden Events and Valentina Canseco


Eye of Pink Heater collaborates with Harrods in London with a curated selection of the latest fashion trending designers.  The goal of our setting is to create a unique emotion-filled unforgettable experience. By being «the one stop focus on international emerging designers and fashion enthusiasts» 

Working on a beautiful scenography were our lushes vegetation by our partner Garden Events and cool neon display were going to radiate the luxury jewelry room on the 1st floor of the store.


A pop up was held in the prestigious Hotel de Crillon to showcase some incredible artists and designers. The selections were meticulously curated by director Malika Benshila Hutin and fine pieces of art, lifestyle, and jewelry were displayed. 

Creating this space during Paris Fashion Week event and sending out this message that diversity and uniqueness is possible amongst big makers has been very rewarding.

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