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Myrto is a fine jewellery designer born and raised in Greece. She draws on the expression of the personal and the emotional, to conjure up miniscule worlds that are embodiments of life, memory and perception. Originally, she trained in theatre design and later she specialised in art therapy. Her studies imprinted strongly on her the idea of the image as an allegory of the hero’s secret world.


In her debut collection, inspired by nature and carved entirely in wax by her, the pieces were sculptural explorations of shapes and forms that unraveled on the body. Cast in sterling silver, and finished to a high luster the line was bold and expressive. Motivated by the enthusiasm with which her collection was received from press and stores alike, Myrto turned to her calling in Jewelry.


Precious stones assumed the center stage in her designs and unique gems breathed life into the creation of one-of-a-kind pieces. Her first all 18k gold collection launched in 2017 is comprised of unique jewels, inspired by the beauty of colour and the extraordinary variety of shades found in precious gems.