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Gaya is a French jewellery brand, launched in 2016 by Garnazelle’s haute-joaillerie designer, Céline Rivet.


The curve, the kindness, the generosity that is found in Garnazelle.
These have been infused in to the very essence of Gaya.

Gaya is an introduction to haute-joaillerie. Truly a rite of passage.

Gaya is more than a joaillerie brand. It is a philosophy, a lifestyle,
a way of seeing life, one in which jewellery is an expression of a beautiful soul. Through what we know about Gaya, or what we can guess, she opens the doors of eternal adolescence. A universal age, where limits do not exist. When one can dream. Full of energy. Unhindered by concern. Almost poetic. Discovering friendship.


Skin jewellery, gold, stones, Gaya, mother goddess, draws from what nature and elements give: the earth, the sky, the oceans... organic and luminous pieces. Collected. Worn day and night, like talisman.

The gold and stone balls that are key motifs of the brand represent abundance and protection. Roundness, strength and perfection.