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Our Space.

Located in the heart of Paris, our showroom encapsulates the spirit of the agency. Fun, eclectic, and filled with inspirations from every corner of the world. International designer and buyers find themselves in immersive and lively private showings to the next and best of Pink Heaters Designers.

Looking to have a home in Paris or to discover new trendy brands?


Paris based Jeweler

The inspiration of Ylang Ravel, a young jeweler trained at the academy of crafts, comes to him from the Japanese culture "Wabi Sabi", in constant search for the perfection of imperfection, the style of the house plays with the contradictions.

Each piece is handmade in France

Energy, protection, or even creativity, the magic of stones reinforces the identity and poetry of Ylang Ravel jewelry.


Wonderland, Fairy & Dreamy world

WILHELMINA GARCIA (WG) is a jewelry brand inspired by Wonderland.

A Brand launched in 2013 by the influence and need to have a special space to create and be inspired by magic, leaving aside the hectic day-life of reality to a world full of fantasy and dreams.

Rocio Canals is the designer that goes by the name of Wilhelmina Garcia, a pseudonym and magical person that she created to design and reinvent herself through jewelry. For her, a wonderland is a place, a scene, or a state of mind of great and strange beauty and wonder where she feels comfortable to design and create the perfect piece.

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