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Installations, collaborations and our corner store.

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Beautiful scenic printemps haussmann departmen store in Paris France
la Samaritaine department store interior Paris France



Printemps with the deep desire to

show a new face of designer

fashion and luxury. Respect for

differences, personalized offers,

ethical commitment, Printemps is

your new e-commerce space, more

inclusive, more caring, more free.

Unique. Just like you.



La Samaritaine Paris, the temple of Parisian lifestyle, will propose unrivalled brands covering luxury fashion, fine jewelry and watches, accessories and exclusive designers' items, the largest beauty section in Europe and an authentic French culinary experience.


An illustrious landmark

overlooking the Place de la

Concorde, Hôtel de Crillon, A

Rosewood Hotel is a celebration of

the spirit of Paris and French art de

vivre—timeless, legendary and

unabashedly elegant.

Hotel de Crillon in Paris France



Harrods remains at the height of

British luxury retail, attracting

millions of loyal customers from

across the globe with its unrivalled

product selection, world-class

service, innovative retail theatre

and historic setting.

Harrods in London department store