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Our comittments.

We have been meeting the demands of our clients for over a decade and have a global audience with strong network in over 40 countries and a hub network in the Middle East, Europe, Asia, and the USA. Our long term partnerships with clients thrive due to our commitments to:

Personalised all-year-round service

Dedication to quality

Customer satisfaction guarantee

In 2006, Malika Benshila embarked on a transformative journey by establishing Pink Heater agency. Her mission was clear: to champion emerging international designers by connecting them with a vast network of esteemed stores. For over a decade, she has provided consulting services to diverse designers, helping them refine their brand visions and craft collections that resonate with premium department stores and concept stores.

Yet, Malika's passion extends beyond the realm of agency work. Her deep appreciation for jewelry kindled a creative spark that ultimately led to the birth of her brand, Lanzarope, in 2021. Here, her personal experiences and life's journey converge, resulting in a jewelry brand with a profound connection. Malika Benshila's remarkable career is a testament to her unwavering commitment to fashion innovation, empowering emerging talents, and continually pushing the boundaries of creativity.


Articles about us.


"Malika Benshila launched Pink Heater agency in 2006, a company that represents emerging international designers and introduces them to her network of stores. She engaged in consulting work with various designers, supporting them in shaping their brand vision and ensuring that their collections are desirable and aligned with the premium department stores and concept stores she has partnered with for over a decade.

As Pink Heater agency grew, Malika's passion for jewelry and the creative process became increasingly evident, leading to the establishment of her own brand in 2021. This brand reflects a profound connection between her personal experiences and life's journey."

"Eye of Pink Heater: Unveiling Tomorrow's Creators

As an offshoot of the Pink Heater agency, Eye of Pink Heater consistently spotlights talented jewelry designers through pop-up stores and events. Nestled within the historic high jewelry realm on the second floor of Printemps Haussmann, you'll have the opportunity to explore unique pieces, such as Cédille's imaginative bestiary and her signature "fish bone" jewel.

Currently, you can also discover the exquisite creations by Bauce (Meilleur Ouvrier de France), featuring finely hammered gold beads that radiate incomparable brilliance. Malika Benshila, deeply enamored with distinctive and contemporary jewelry, showcases her artists, especially during events in Paris, the birthplace of jewelry. This was most recently seen during the opening at La Samaritaine.

The Eye of Pink Heater branch also ensures its talents gain international exposure through multi-brand spaces, such as Harrods in London, and soon, in Doha, Qatar, where Eye of Pink Heater, in partnership with Printemps, is set to make a grand debut in September 2022."

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We are always on the lookout for talented individuals to join our team. As a small team, we believe in each other. We think outside the box to create incredible results for our customers and each other. We search for people who have passion and thrive when creating. People who want to share what they know and what they’ve learned.


You’ll get the chance to develop your skills and work on projects that improve the experience for both customers and colleagues. Please note that all applicants need to be fluent in English.

If this sounds good to you—then we hope to hear from you!

Ongoing internship opportunities in following areas:

  • Showroom assistant

  • Digital marketing and communications

  • Web developper

  • Sales

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