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Pink Heater Agency & Showroom is an international B to B company, offering our clients the most bespoke brand development services. For our exclusive clients, we ensure dynamic services ranging from branding, sales development to fashion marketing or communications. This idea of a personalised brand development service, available all year round, has met the demands of global emerging brands for over a decade. Pink Heater is based

in the fashion capital of the world, Paris, and has clients in more than 40 countries, with a hub network in the Middle East, Europe, Asia and USA, allowing us to reach a global audience.





Our team will help you step forward in the market and create a strong and outstanding brand identity that will match the latest trends. Pink Heater’s experience in fashion, fine jewelry and savoir-faire, makes our distinction. We build strategies that will help and accompany brands through all stages of their development.


Projects We've Consulted On:


Inspired by Yves Klein the late French artist who is known for his nouveau realism and anthropometric art, this editorial explores the interaction between human form and paint. Klien’s colour, reminiscent of the lapis lazuli used to paint Madonna's robes in medieval paintings, was to become known as International Klein Blue (IKB). What is now known as the Blue Epoch is the foundation of this editorial to explore the intricacies of nude color on the human form.

Concept and Partial Text by Malika Hutin @malika_Benshilahutin + @pinkheater Productions

Photographer: Yann Hutin

Art director : Malika Benshila Hutin

Assistant AD: Aisyah Wafa Mutia

Model: Ines M @metropolitan

Hair and Makeup: Constance Huond

Jewelry : @nuefinejewelry


exas sun shines on the searing youth of the Sundance Girl. She always had her own ways, smiles when she needs to, courts her entourage when she wants to, and encounters only the elevated. Her beauty radiates like a da Vinci painting soaked in the dignified and the ageless.

Photography: Yann Hutin

Art Direction and Styling: Malika Benshila

Assistants: Fatou Sylla and Charlotte Lécuyer

Model: Lara Denova @Marylin Agency

Hair: Kevin Jacotot @B Agency

Makeup: Laurie le Felic @B Agency

Brands: Sprung Frères, Nocturne, Collini Milano, Cédille, Shivan and Narresh


Paris is fashion. From it's eclectic architecture to its graceful inhabitants Paris has been and remains one of the foremost fashion capitals of the world. So it is no surprise that our new editorial exudes Parisian charm and global aesthetics. Photographer Yann Hutin with the help of stylist Malika Benshila produces this formative work of Parisian elegance with global brands like Dunhill, Guiseppe Zanotti and Ryujoo. 

Photographer: Yann Hutin

DA / Stylist: Malika Benshila

Brands: Sprung Brothers, Giuseppe Zanotti, Dunhill, Victoria Grant, Isharya, Hibourama, Couture Paris, Karine Lang, French deal, Ryujoo.

Makeup Artist and hair stylist: Francis Gimenez

Model: Marine Francois

Assistant stylist: Tiara Dewi