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Who we are

Founded in 2008 by Malika Benshila, Pink Heater Agency is a global wholesale agency based in Paris specializing in business development and designers to retail spaces.

What we do

Pink Heater Agency & Showroom is an international B to B company, offering our clients the most bespoke brand development services. For our exclusive clients, we ensure dynamic services ranging from branding, sales development to fashion marketing or communications. This idea of a personalised brand development service, available all year round, has met the demands of global emerging brands for over a decade. Pink Heater is based in the fashion capital of the world, Paris, and has clients in more than 40 countries, with a hub network in the Middle East, Europe, Asia and USA, allowing us to reach a global audience.


Malika Benshila launched Pink Heater agency in 2006, a company that represents emerging international designers and introduces them to her network of stores.

She has worked on several collaborations and consulting with designers helping them mold their vision they had for their brand. Making sure that the collections would be desirable and in line for the premium department-stores and concept stores she has been partnering with for over a decade.

Along with the rise of Pink Heater agency, Malika has obviously been very passionate about jewelry and the creation part of it,  that led to the birth of her own brand in 2021. It shares a deep connection between her personal experiences and the journey of life.

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