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The Team


PINK HEATER's on and off-line platform is handled by a multidisciplinary team of professionals, all experts covering a specific field of marketing, distribution, logistics and b to b promotion. In 2018, celebrating PINK HEATER's 10-year anniversary, we decided to reach out to the fincal customers with our integrated marketplace featuring some of today’s most talented designers and to establish what PINK HEATER has gravitated towards over the years in partnering also with a whole spectrum of the luxury world: art, beauty, lifestyle and leisure.


We know that the fashion world is constantly changing and it is exactly this evolution which motivates us to create innovative solutions that deliver to our clients the results they expect.


Our passion for pushing the limits of technology is aimed at one thing: bringing our best creative ideas to life in intriguing, engaging ways. Because the best innovations are the ones that enhance life in meaningful ways. As an agency that loves design, marketing, technology, content and digital strategy, we create campaigns that forge a connection and we embrace challenges.


In every project, each of us contributes all our knowledge, experience and passion to the task at hand. We come from a world of communication and French savoir-faire, conversations with our partners are permanent and fluid. We understand the importance of these relations and value the trust the brands put in us and in the achievement of the objectives of the projects the team endorses.