« In Greece each place has its story and each ancient stone its mythology. When you read that Cape Sounion south end of Athens is known as the place from which the Aegean king would have thrown himself off a cliff. His son Theseus had promised him to change the black sails of his boat by white sails if he could defeat the Minotaur. You know that this is what you will witness and feel throughout your journey. Time stops and mythology takes place ».

Malika Benshila Hutin

Founding Director, Pink Heater

Editor-in-chief, Eye of Pink Heater

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 Eye of Pink Heater x Harrods

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@EYEOFPINKHEATER pop-up at Harrods.

Zoë Chicco is now available @brownsfashion

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PINK HEATER Agency performs both online and offline to cover in 360 degree spectrum the international sale development of a brand. Our specialized agency works non stop on our stop services.


Our team will help you step forward in the market and create a strong and outstanding brand identity that will match the latest trends.


Eye of Pink Heater which is one of Pink Heater’s services to showcase its designers in a curated setting scenographied by Malika and its team of professionals.

The Parisian designer, Camille Enrico


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